Our office is located very strategically in the heart of India's business venue, Mumbai. We are in close vicinity to the International as well as Domestic Airports in Andheri (about a 30-minute drive), the commercial hub of Mumbai.

The office spans 1200 sq. ft. and is well spaced with various departments like accounts, logisitcs, merchandising, accessories and in addition to this we also have ample storage space where we keep a variety of fabric stocks for sampling. We have a selection of our best and latest products on display in our showroom that is spread over 400 sq. ft., in the same premises.

A sampling unit is located in close proximity to the premises. Here new and interesting designs are constantly under development. Also, on the premises is located a well equipped finishing and inspection unit. Our sampling unit consists of Juki machines, for sewing, picoting, and overlocking. We have a capacity to produce 20-25 styles each day.

We not only ensure quality in production but also in sampling. We do not compromise while making the best garments which are rated, as Top-Sellers amongst our clients.

  • All Production facilities are fully equipped with state of the Art machinery
  • All Production facilities have their own sampling unit in addition with a sampling Dept at Mumbai.
  • The sampling unit at Mumbai, is supported with designing team.
  • The CAD Pattern making and marking system ensures flawless shapes and measurements of patterns.
  • All Our Production Facilities are Eco as well as SA8000 Certified.

  • The manufacturing unit was set up looking for better control over quality and quantity and also to meet delivery schedules.

    With the in-house production capacity of over 100,000 pieces every month, the company has been able to consistently be on top of its list of clients. In addition to the above in house production capacity, the company's garment production is covered also through various supplementary factories which can turnout around 1000 pieces a day. It may be worthwhile to note here that all these products are subject to thorough checking by the company's Quality Assurance Department Personnel.

    Our prime manufacturing facility, in Vapi (Gujarat) is typically stretched out over an expanse of nearly 15,000 sq. feet. The entire unit is vertically integrated, with every aspect of production, from cutting to packing being executed under one roof.

    Before a garment is produced there are systems set down to ensure that the manufacturing process once begun goes on smoothly and without flaws. The garment is first studied and analyzed. A time and motion study is done for optimizing the manufacturing time spent. This would include sequencing of specialized functions, monitoring of progress and regularity of quality check. After cutting the garments are sent to the sewing section. This section consists of 7-8 assembly lines, with specialized machines.

    The Finishing Departments are equipped with modern steam irons, boilers, heated folding tables and vacuum tables, which result in a well presented garment. All manufacturing facilities have their own captive power generating units so that they are not affected in the time of power failures and therefore are able to adhere to customer delivery schedules.

    When the production of the garment is completed, the quality departments get into act. The garment goes through several inline, mid, pre-final and final inspections that adhere to an AQL of 2.5. This ensures that the end product is world class. It is then given the final go-ahead by the quality control people. The buyer is then invited to inspect this finished product.

    This is the degree of confidence with which Adam Exports operates!!

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